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Relaxation Classes

Relaxation Classes in Milton Keynes

Relaxation Classes in Milton Keynes Relaxation classes come in different formats; yoga, meditation, mindfulness, reiki and many others. The best relaxation classes though can be those based around painting, especially when in a pub or restaurant. When you paint, whether individually, or as part of a group, you enter your own world. You are in

Painting Classes in Milton Keynes

Painting Courses in Milton Keynes

Painting Courses In Milton Keynes In Pubs. Painting courses in Milton Keynes come in all shapes and sizes, and are run at various times of the day. Surely though, the best painting courses in Milton Keynes must be the ones held in a pub in the evening. We aren’t just an art event, but a

Paint and Sip

Paint and Sip Paint Night Party came into being as a result of a post about Paint and Sip events on a Facebook group for Bob Ross Certified Ross Instructors. I googled Paint and Sip and learnt how people could learn to paint in a great social setting – THE PUB. I was looking at