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Brush Party

Brush Party, Paint Night Party, Paint and Sip It doesn’t matter whether you call it a Brush party, a Paint Night Party, a Paint and Sip night or even a Booze and Brushes night, the aim is till the same – have fun with friends in a creative setting.

Bob Ross Lessons in Milton Keynes

Bob Ross Lessons in Milton Keynes I run Bob Ross lessons in Milton Keynes. In fact it appears that I am the only Bob Ross instructor in Buckinghamshire. If I can’t bring the Bob Ross way of painting into the Milton Keynes and Buckingham area, then I should resign from the human race.

Painting Lessons In Milton Keynes

Painting Lessons in Milton Keynes Our painting lessons in Milton Keynes, aren’t just held in Pubs and Bars in the evenings. We also do weekend painting lessons at the Westbury Arts Centre on the west side of Milton Keynes. Come to one of our paining lessons and you will take home your own magnificent wall