Bob Ross Booking Confirmed

Bob Ross – Booking Confirmed.


Thank you so much for booking this Bob Ross painting day. I look forward to seeing you for the 10.30 start. As soon as I receive the PayPal notification I will drop you a line to confirm your ticket. 

We start at 10.30 sharp and should be finished by 16.30 latest, though we usually finish earlier and we have a half-hour break for lunch. If the event is at Westbury Art Centre then we provide a Subway lunch, as well as a G&T. If the event is at The Woolpack Pub you will have to provide your own lunch, but we will provide a G&T. This is because The Woolpack serves food and there could be insurance issues if I were to provide food not supplied by The Woolpack and someone fell ill. Currently the Woolpack only does carvery lunchs (not bar food) at weekends and you will need to bring your own lunch.

More to follow.


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