Duo Princess of Wales

Customise Your Paint Night

Customise Your Paint Night Customising your Paint Night artwork to yourself is easy. It doesn’t matter if you are substituting a picture of your furry family member, or using an image of yourself or another family member. All you need is access to a printer to print out A4, though an A3 printer would be

Paint Like Jack Vettriano

 Paint Like Jack Vettriano – Subject Models Required Paint Like Jack Vettriano. As stated on the Facebook post, I run Paint Nights in Pubs and Restaurants around Milton Keynes. People buy tickets, come along, have a couple of drinks and a good time as they paint a painting. I provide ALL equipment and materials, and

Image of Bob Ross

Paint Like Bob Ross

Paint like Bob Ross in Milton Keynes. Recognised everywhere as one of the world’s most popular painters, Bob Ross has taught and inspired millions of people around the world and shown them that they can paint.  His videos and TV shows are easily the longest running art progammes on televison. His beautiful paintings that he

Image of Bold White Tiger

Event Photos and Videos

Viewing Paint Night and Bob Ross Event Photos and Videos A little blog post to tell you how you can view your event photos and videos.

Paint Night Way

Paint Night Way Yes, we have a Paint Night way of doing things, it is behind what we do, and how we do it. Paint Night Way – Fun Art and not Fine Art Paint Night is a social event first and an art class second. You are at a Paint Night Party because you

Craft Gin Club

The Craft Gin Club. I am a member of a very nice organisation called “The Craft Gin Club”. You can have a monthly, two monthly or quarterly subscription – I have a two monthly subscription    

Ottoman Kitchen – Paint Night Menu

Ottoman Kitchen – Paint Night Menu As well as having the normal Ottoman Kitchen menu available, Murat and his team have made a number of “light-bites” that can be eaten during the event to keep your creative thoughts going full steam. The light-bites menu consist’s of a Glass of Wine, a Turkish Wrap, Fries and

Painting Classes

More About Painting Classes In A Pub I have been thinking about what I can do to make the Pub Painting Classes more interesting and varied. I have had so many ideas that I thought I would put them into a blog post rather than hit your email in-box with a long Mailchimp based email.

Pub Paint Nights

Pub Paint Nights Come to one of our Pub Paint Nights socials and paint a picture like those on this page – No Experience Necessary AT ALL. It is simple. Choose the event you want to attend, buy a ticket, come along and enjoy yourself. They are Fun Art, not Fine Art and No Experience

Cinnamon Cooney The Art Sherpa

Who is Cinnamon Cooney the Art Sherpa

Who is Cinnamon Cooney, the Art Sherpa Cinnamon Cooney AKA The Art Sherpa is a slightly crazy, but highly lovable, bubbly and adorable Texan. She has taken on the responsibility of showing everyone (of all skill and none) that they can paint. At least twice a week her alter-ego, The Art Sherpa, uploads detailed and

The Joy of Painting

The Joy of Painting The Joy of Painting is the name of the series of TV painting lessons run by Bob Ross the American painter. During each half-hour episode, Bob Ross would show and describe the techniques he used to produce his landscape paintings in 30 minutes.

Brush Party

Brush Party, Paint Night Party, Paint and Sip It doesn’t matter whether you call it a Brush party, a Paint Night Party, a Paint and Sip night or even a Booze and Brushes night, the aim is till the same – have fun with friends in a creative setting.

Bob Ross Lessons in Milton Keynes

Bob Ross Lessons in Milton Keynes I run Bob Ross lessons in Milton Keynes. In fact it appears that I am the only Bob Ross instructor in Buckinghamshire. If I can’t bring the Bob Ross way of painting into the Milton Keynes and Buckingham area, then I should resign from the human race.

Painting Lessons In Milton Keynes

Painting Lessons in Milton Keynes Our painting lessons in Milton Keynes, aren’t just held in Pubs and Bars in the evenings. We also do weekend painting lessons at the Westbury Arts Centre on the west side of Milton Keynes. Come to one of our paining lessons and you will take home your own magnificent wall

Relaxation Classes in Milton Keynes

Relaxation Classes in Milton Keynes Relaxation classes come in different formats; yoga, meditation, mindfulness, reiki and many others. The best relaxation classes though can be those based around painting, especially when in a pub or restaurant. When you paint, whether individually, or as part of a group, you enter your own world. You are in

Painting Courses in Milton Keynes

Painting Courses In Milton Keynes In Pubs. Painting courses in Milton Keynes come in all shapes and sizes, and are run at various times of the day. Surely though, the best painting courses in Milton Keynes must be the ones held in a pub in the evening. We aren’t just an art event, but a

Paint and Sip

Paint and Sip Paint Night Party came into being as a result of a post about Paint and Sip events on a Facebook group for Bob Ross Certified Ross Instructors. I googled Paint and Sip and learnt how people could learn to paint in a great social setting – THE PUB. I was looking at

Cherry Tree Holding The Moon

Cherry Tree Holding The Moon The first Paint Night Party, on the 25th April at The Three Trees was a great success. Fourteen people came and painted Cherry Tree Holding The Moon.