Event description

Beautiful Flower Face

Wednesday 25th May

Woolpack Buckingham

Beautiful Flower FaceBeautiful Flower Face – By Michelle The Painter. Come to the Woolpack in Buckingham on Wednesday 25th May and paint this Beautiful Flower Face.

Meet wonderful people creating lovely art. It is amazing what you can do with some paint and brushes, even if you have never done anything like this before, you can paint it. Anyone can paint, you just need a desire said Bob Ross, so come to this great evening and show yourself you can. 

Tickets are £32.00 downwards, and at the end of the evening you will take away your own personal masterpiece of this lovely classic. The ticket price includes ALL materials and equipment, and you will be able to purchase an optional frame for £10.00 if you want.

What You Will Learn

As well as being a social event, it is also a creative learning event and it will help you help your younger relatives come top of the class in art. You’ll learn to trace basic outlines, use different brushes in different ways and different ways of applying paint.. You will do wet-on-wet and blending, using different shades to give perspective, create dimension, and create shadows and highlights. See the full description under the “More” box

Tickets for Beautiful Flower Face

Tickets are £32.00 downwards each, and the includes ALL materials and equipment, and at the end of the evening you will take away your own personal masterpiece. You will be able to purchase an optional frame for £10.00 if you want. 

It doesn’t matter in the least if you haven’t picked up a paint brush for years or maybe even never, because you will walk away with your own unique piece of artwork. Russell Collins, our resident artist will take you, step-by-step, through the process of turning your blank canvas into your own special masterpiece. With a glass in one hand, and a paintbrush (or a cotton bud) in the other, your skills will transfer painlessly to the canvas on your easel. So Motor Up Your Inner Monet and come and join us.

We provide everything that you need…… a 40cm x 50cm  canvas, easel, brushes, paints, aprons, music and a great atmosphere where you can create to your heart’s content. 

The event starts at 7.00 pm but it helps if you arrive around 15 minutes early to grab a seat, grab a drink and grab an easel. We start at 7.00 on the dot, and will definitely by finished by 10.00.

Although we provide aprons, it might be worth wearing old clothes (just in case).

Beautiful Flower Face – Do It Your Way.

We show you HOW to do it and Why, we don’t tell you what to do. We love it when people do something different. Maybe use different colours, add different flowers, add some shading to highlight features, maybe add an eye as well – it is your choice.

Car Parking

Car parking is a bit tight around The Woolpack, but there is car parking across the river on the road and closer to the Town Centre.

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Amazing Artist Scheme

We now have our Amazing Artist scheme. We give you a card and we stamp it for every event you come to, including our day events. When you have 8 stamps we give you your next public Paint Night free. It is our way of saying Thank You.

A Paint Night Party is a social event first, and an art lesson second. It’s Fun Art set to music, not Fine Art done dull.

If you have any questions then please contact Russell Collins

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We look forward to meeting you.

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An Advance Warning

Regretably we have had to raise our prices, and reducing our multiple purchase discounts from the 1st May. Costs are going up and our venues are now charging us something for the use of their premises. Sorry but this is the 1st rise in 4 years. We still have the loyalty cards though. 


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Beautiful Flower Face - What you will do.

You can personalize the type of flowers or the type of butterfly to symbolize your favorite colors or kinds. Imagine the landscape sky to be a beautiful neutral tone with the hint of the sun glowing on the objects in the painting and in the atmosphere with a sun-kissed look on the lips, cheek and petals. Imagine the flowers and leaves moving to the sounds of nature, with the butterflies curiosity being peeked by the vibrant flowers opening up providing a place to land and some nutritional food as well. You can imagine the time of year to be spring or summer with the awakening of blooming flowers. You’ll learn how to paint this lovely country landscape scene and these beautiful representational flowers that are perfectly placed to give you the impression of a woman's facial features with movement and personality by using simple painting techniques for blending and adding highlights and shadows for dimension. Let the silhouettes be crisp and the flowers be bold adding tranquil soothing natural colors and carefree paint strokes. You’ll learn how to layer the leaves and flower heads to create a 3D effect like a photograph. The girl will come to life with the unique placement of the butterfly, the direction of the foliage and the fullness of the main flower. The complimentary colors will bring cohesion and harmony, creating a symphony of flowers in various growing stages. You’ll learn to paint these realistic looking flowers that pop, a background sky that has atmospheric dimension and a female figures profile with proper proportions. Inspired by natures beauty and the excitement of painting in a surreal style. You'll learn to paint this fantasy floral landscape with depth, contrast and natural colors, creating an image that is beautiful with a little whimsical vibe to it. Using only 3 brushes and 6 colors we'll create this conversational masterpiece that is sure to compliment any decor.