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Paint Your Pet at Home


In Your Own Home Via Facebook Live

Paint Your Pet in Your Own Home

Life, as we know, is a bit difficult at the moment with the lockdown and that means that the normal Paint Nights have gone by the board. But, all is not lost. Send us a high quality image of your pet, or any other animal you want and we will send you back a comprehensive digital pack that will get you and your children painting their own pet, and it will only cost you £15.00.


A New Look at an Old Idea

Cast your mind back to the days when you got your first ever Paint-By-Numbers set. You eagerly started it, then after about 30 minutes you got bored and put it away half done. Years later you found it at the back of the cupboard along with a few pots of hardened paints.

You can now Paint Your Pet in your own home. We will turn your favourite picture of your pet whether a cat, dog, horse, chinchilla or budgie into an easy to paint image based on the Paint-By-Numbers concept so that you can paint it in the way you want – realistic, surreal or impressionist.

What I Need

I need a high quality picture of your pet, and you can email it to me; Russell Collins  It needs to be a large image that has good reproduction of the head and shoulders area as I will crop the image to concentrate on the head. The photograph needs to show the eyes clearly and have no harsh shadows on it. It also needs to have some good detail on the fur. If the pet is all black then it needs some highlights on it, and if white some shadows.

What I Do

I will turn your image into an A4 sized reduced colour colour image and an A4 Paint-By-Numbers tracing that can be used as a template for the pet portrait. I will also provide copies in another larger size of your choice. I can produce images that can be printed off an A4 printer and an A3 printer, let me know what size you have

I will also provide you with colour mixing charts, fur swatches for different fur colours and painting instructions. 

What Do You Need

You will need paint in at least Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White colours. If you have more colours then even better. You will also need something to paint on like a canvas, or a canvas board – Acrylic paper would be fine as well. other requirements include: Tracing paper (not carbon paper) or charcoal, chalk, soft pencils, Sharpies, hair spray (yes). You will also need cups to hold water for brush cleaning and paint thinning, loads of paper towels (NOT kitchen roll).

Paint Sets

We have negotiated a discount on an A3 box set that consists of a small brush set, a plastic pallet, an Acrylic paper pad and a box of 13 x 12ml paint tubes: Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Vermilion, Crimson, Grass Green, Veridian, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber and Black – a great range of paints. I would recommend though that you buy a a larger tube of Titanium White and Black paint as these are the most used paint

The box costs £17.37 including delivery, but add the Promo Code “PAINTNIGHT10” on checkout and get a 10% discount on the Acrylic Art Box. Click this link to go to Artesaver.

Using Facebook Live

Facebook Live will allow me to project a live video of me painting onto your device through the Facebook system. You need to go onto Facebook and like and follow my Facebook “Page Paint Night Party” I will go live about 5 minutes before the events and you will get an announcement on Facebook that tells you I am having a watch party. Click on that announcement and you will be linked through to my camera. You will see me and hear me, and you will be able to send me messages. Have all your equipment ready and we will start at 2.00.

If you have any questions then please contact Russell Collins

Please go to the Facebook Events page (opens in new tab), like and share.

We look forward to meeting you.

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