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In Your Own Home

Paint Your Pet By Numbers

My Cat Henry The ThirdI’ve been wanting to do this for some time. I can now provide you with your own personalised “Paint Your Pet By Numbers” pack. You email me a good quality image of your furry family member, or a favourite animal, and in return you will be sent a Paint Your Pet box. You will also get sent a detailed E-Book with links to on-line resources that help you get the most out of your pack.

Meet Henry the Third; a Christmas 2023 present from my children.  I buy about £30.00 a month to feed him, and in return I have the pleasure of having my feet attacked on a regular basis. Henry is my “Paint Your Pet By Numbers” model.

A New Look at an Old Idea

Henry The Third as Paint Your Pet By NumbersCast your mind back to the days when you got your first ever Paint-By-Numbers set. You eagerly started it, then after about 30 minutes you got bored and put it away half done. Years later you found it at the back of the cupboard along with a few pots of hardened paints.

You can now Paint Your Pet in your own home. We will turn your favourite picture of your pet whether a cat, dog, horse, chinchilla or budgie into an easy to paint image based on the Paint-By-Numbers concept so that you can paint it in the way you want – realistic, surreal or impressionist – and help and advice on this will be in the E-Book and on YouTube.

Want To Paint Something Else?

Starry NightActually, it doesn’t have to be an animal, it could be a person or a scene. We can even provide you with a favourite painting by a favourite (dead at least 75 years though) artist – Monet, van Gogh, Munch anyone? 

Let know what you would lke to have a go at, and I will see what I can do.


Image of Munch - The Scream.What I Need

I need a high quality picture of your pet, or other subject you would like to paint, and you can email it to me; Russell Collins  If a pet, or person, it needs to be a large image that has good reproduction of the head and shoulders area as I will crop the image to concentrate on the head. The photograph needs to show the eyes clearly and have no harsh shadows on it. It also needs to have some good detail on the fur. If the pet is all black then it needs some highlights on it, and if white some shadows.

What I Do, And What You Will Receive

I will look at your image and probably modify it a little to make it suitable for conversion into a Paint By Numbers image. This usually means trimming and re-sizing the image. I will then convert your image into a Painting By Numbers image that has been reduced to 12 colours. There are hundreds and thousands of different colours and shades in a photographic image, and these will be reduced to the most common 12. 

What Is In The Box?

The Basic pack includes:

  • A set of acrylic paint – 12ml tubes and 12 colours.
  • A set of 7 fine haired brushes of different types.
  • Your chosen image on an A3 canvas sheet as a Paint By Numbers image.
  • An A3 sheet of sticky-backed foam-board to stick the canvas sheet on.
  • An A3 black or white, professionally made wooden frame with fixings.
  • Colour coding in full colour, and monochrome.
  • Additional Paint Your Pet images printed on A3 and A4 stiff card for you to copy.
  • An E-Book (delivered by email).
  • Additional on-line resources.

Optional Extras

Optional extras can be bought and these include:

  • Additional basic paint set.
  • Additional add-on paint set of 12 extra colours.
  • Extra A3 Canvas copies and foam-board of the same image.
  • Full set of printed materials for additional images, including foam-board.
  • Additional black or white frames.

 The E-Book

As well as describing the best way to Paint By Numbers in the traditional way, the E-Book (and associated on-line YouTube resources) will tell you how you can paint the same image in so many different styles ranging from Realistic to Impressionist.

What Do You Need

You will need very little: Two pots of water; one to wash your brushes in, and the other to use to dilute the paint a little, and kitchen roll (not toilet roll, a totally different dynamic when combined with water.

What You Might Want

You might want some extras such as Sharpie pens, Posca pens and other things – they will all be talked about in the E-Book.

Paint Sets

The basc paint set consists 0f the following colours: Lamp Black, Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Vermillion, Crimson Red, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Sap Green, Viridian, Cerulean Blue and Ultramarine Blue.

Live Events

I will also be doing some short LIVE events

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