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Paint Your Pet

Tuesday 6th September

Letchworth Golf Club

Paint Your Pet. Following on from the successful April event, we now say come to the Letchworth Golf Club on Tuesday the 6th September and Paint Your Pet. It is amazing what you can do with some paint, brushes and imagination. Come along and paint a portrait of your pet – it can be a cat, a dog, a budgie or even a horse. If you don’t have a pet, then paint your favourite animal. Anyone can paint, you just need a desire said Bob Ross, so come to this great evening and show yourself you can. See below for examples of what others have done. 

Some of you sharp-eyed people might have noticed that the web page address says Letchworth Rowing Club, it is of course, being held at the Letchworth Golf Club.

Tickets are £32.00 with ALL materials and equipment supplied, and at the end of the evening you will take away your own personal masterpiece of your own little family member. You will be able to purchase an optional frame for £10.00 if you want. The ticket price alos includes a drink on arrival.

It doesn’t matter in the least if you haven’t picked up a paint brush for years, because you will walk away with your own unique piece of artwork. Our resident artist will take you, step-by-step, through the process of turning your blank canvas into your own picture of a much loved member of the family. With a glass in one hand, and a paintbrush (or a cotton bud) in the other, your skills will transfer painlessly to the canvas on your easel. So power up your inner Picasso, come and join us come and join us and paint your own version of your furry friend. 

We provide everything that you need…… a smaller than normal A3 sized canvas, easel, brushes, paints, aprons, music and a great atmosphere where you can create to your heart’s content.


Paint Your Pet – The Way To Do It And Preparation

You can paint your pet in any style you want, whether realistic, abstract, monochrome, surreal or impressionist – your choice.

A slightly different way of doing things this time.

You will need to email me a high quality photograph of the furry friend you want to paint. It really needs to be a head and shoulders image looking at the camera, as this way you will be able to paint the most important parts – the eyes. Download Russell’s Photo Guide For Pet Portraits.

I will take the image and turn it into a properly sized black and white line drawing that you will be able to trace on to your canvas.  I will then take you step by step through the process of tracing your picture on to the canvas, under-painting the pet, painting the background of your choice, and then finishing off with the fine details.  If you want to change the colours to suit your home décor, then feel free to do so – bring your own wall paint if you wish. 

The event starts at 19.00 pm but it helps if you arrive around 15 minutes early to grab a seat, grab a drink and grab an easel. We start at 19.00, and will definitely by finished by 22.00.

Although we provide aprons, it might be worth wearing old clothes (just in case).

What Others Have Done

Car Parking

Plenty of car parking at the club.

Amazing Artist Scheme

We now have our Amazing Artist scheme. We give you a card and we stamp it for every event you come to, including our day events. When you have 8 stamps we give you your next Paint Night free. It is our way of saying Thank You.

A Paint Night Party is a social event first, and an art lesson second. It’s Fun Art set to music, not Fine Art done dull.

If you have any questions then please contact Russell Collins

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We look forward to meeting you.

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