Children’s Parties

Children’s Parties (and Families)

Children’s Parties

Are you looking for a different activity for your children’s parties? Bored with clowns, bouncy castles and magicians. Well, Our children’s Paint Parties are a great way to celebrate that birthday, or other special event.

Children love to draw, trace and paint, and we will take them step by step through the process of turning their empty canvas into their own special masterpiece. We have a large range of paintings (see below) that our budding artists can paint by themselves, with other children or with a parent. We can also design a piece of art unique to your event.

The parties last approximately 2 hours and we have a choice of simple paintings that are suitable for children. The recommended age is from 5 to 95, but we can be flexible on this.

Our children’s parties cost £260.00 and covers up to 15 children. Additional children (up to 5 depending on venue) will cost £15.00 each. We require a deposit of 30% on booking, with the remainder due the remainder due the day before the event. We can probably accommodate last minute arrivals on the day. Email Russell Collins for further information.

Mum (or Dad) and Me

Holday-UnicornThese events consist of Mum (or Dad) and the little one painting something together, maybe a parent animal and its baby (see below for options). This event will cost £395.00 for 15 pairs and we will happily negotiated a smaller number.

Mommy-and-Me-Panda-ImageThe prices quoted above are for weekend events that take place between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. An event that actually starts before 5.00 pm on a weekday will cost an additional £100.00.




What is Included?

Children's partiesWe arrive about an 90 minutes before the start to set up. We use the tables and chairs at the venue and we cover the tables and set up the painting stations.  The cost includes ALL the painting equipment and materials required for your guests to produce their painting,. This includes paints, easels, brushes, aprons and usually a 30cm x 40cm canvas that your painters will take home with them. It is not a small canvas to hide away, but a large canvas to hang on your wall. Sometimes it will be a bigger canvas depending on the age.

For the Mum (or Dad) and Me events we use 2 x 30cm x 30cm canvases per pair.

One thing you do need to provide us with though is a water supply.

Once the party is over we clear everything up and leave the venue as we find it,

We will have optional simple picture frames for sale at £10.00 each if required.

The cost of the venue, or food and drinks are NOT included and are the responsibility of the organiser. 

The Materials

We use acrylic paints in our children’s parties, they are non-toxic, virtually odourless and water soluble. Although water soluble, acrylic paints do dry hard, and once hard are difficult to remove. We do supply aprons, but we suggest that your painters wear old clothes as you won’t want paint stains to ruin any favourite clothes.

Anything Else?

We aim to complete the paintings within 90 minutes, but we say 2 hours just in case. We gear the complexity of the painting towards the age and attention span of the younger children. We like painters to arrive 15 minutes before the start as it gives everyone the chance to get ready and settle down. Arriving 15 minutes early also means we can start and finish on time.

Please feel free to contact us about our children’s parties. We are happy to discuss your requirements and to see how we can make your children’s painting experience more memorable.

Our Gallery of Artworks

Email Russell Collins for further information.

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