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During his day job, Russell Collins is part of the Ovenclean Milton Keynes Dream Team, they do exactly what it says on the side of the van. At night though, he is a totally different animal. He is an entrepreneur, an ideas man, in fact an ideas into action man. A creative problem solver, and an all round good guy. Furthermore, he is probably the only Commando trained Paint and Sip event organiser, and Commando trained Bob Ross instructor in the world.

Russell Collins threw down his hated paint brush at the end of his Year 9 when Art became a voluntary subject.

Nearly 40 years later he was visiting a Craft Fayre in Middleton Hall and he saw an artist named Paul Bryant turn a black 80cm x 40cm canvas into an Arctic Night scene in 30 minutes, Paul had sold it twice in that time.

Russell said to himself “I can do that”, went to one of Paul’s classes and so an artist was re-born.

From that moment on, he was hooked. Russell did the Bob Ross (watch him on YouTube) Landscape Instructor courses, went on to try flowers, seascapes, landscapes and impressionism and thoroughly enjoyed it. He enjoyed it even more when he found out that people wanted to buy his paintings.

To see more of Russell’s paintings, go to and click on the “Shop” tab. No, you don’t have to buy anything, but he puts most of his new paintings straight into the shop and some people do buy prints and reproductions.

Russell can also do commissions, especially ones with a representation of the customer in it.

Where does the Commando trained part of it come in? Russell spent 11 years in the Army Reserves (or as it used to be called The Territorial Army). He started off in 131 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers (Volunteers), and finished in Bomb Disposal. You had to pass the Reserve Forces Commando Course to serve with 131, and it was a painful 2 weeks.

Paint Night Party

Russell likes painting and has had some success in selling his artworks. He hasn’t had  as much success as he would like though. He found our about Paint and Sip events from a post on a Facebook Bob Ross group and thought it interesting. NOW READ ON.