Fund Raising Events

Paint Night Fund Raising Events

Cake sales, quiz nights, tombola, cake sales, they can all get a bit monotonous, so why not try something new? A Painting Party fund raising event is an ideal way to raise funds, and do something new. You can hire us to run your Painting Party fund raiser, or you could advertise one of your events on your Facebook page and we will donate for every person who attends as a result of your advertising.

So what if your guests haven’t picked up a paintbrush since leaving school? Our artist will show them how to power up their inner Picasso and create their own special masterpiece. With a glass in one hand and a brush ion the other, they will see their masterpiece develop in front of their eyes. The experience made all the better by music and a glass of wine or two.

We can help charities and voluntary organisations raise money in a number of different ways. We are always open to new ideas.

Full Fee Event

We can run a full event especially for you whereby you pay us a fee of £600.00 that covers 30 people and we suggest that you sell the tickets for the usual £29.00 each. You will need to provide the venue along with tables and chairs, and we will provide all the other equipment and materials that are needed. 

We will come along, set up the venue, run the event, and then clear up afterwards – no hassle or mess for you. If you don’t have a suitable venue then we recommend the Westbury Arts Centre in Shenley Wood. The Westbury Arts Centre is a fantastic venue that is very reasonably priced. You might also find that a local pub or restaurant might be happy to donate some of its unused space for a few hours as you would bring in people who wouldn’t normally go to that venue at that time. We can certainly help with finding a venue if necessary.

We will advertise the event as being a charity fund raiser and will do what we can to get as many people in as possible.

Block Booking

It might not be cost effective for small charities to run their own specific event, so we could do a block booking of tickets at a public event for you. Buy 5 or more seats and you can either sell the tickets yourselves, or have us sell the tickets in the normal way, and pay you the difference.

Advertising Assistance

Advertise one of our events to your Facebook followers, and we will make a donation for everyone who buys a ticket as a result of seeing your Facebook advertisement.

Either email Russell Collins or give him a call on 07976 912550