Relaxation Classes in Milton Keynes

Relaxation Classes in Milton Keynes

Relaxation ClassesRelaxation classes come in different formats; yoga, meditation, mindfulness, reiki and many others. The best relaxation classes though can be those based around painting, especially when in a pub or restaurant.

When you paint, whether individually, or as part of a group, you enter your own world. You are in charge in that world and you can create what you want. We don’t tell you what to do in our Paint Nights, we just show you how to do it, and you do the rest.

Benefits of Painting In Relaxation Classes

Painting helps you relax, it allows you to escape into your own world, free of outside influences, where you are in charge. This helps you relax, and when you relax, you become physically and mentally calmer, happier and have lower stress levels.

Painting is a form of exercise, wielding a paintbrush exercises the arm and hand muscles, and stimulates brain function, it also helps develop fine motor skills.

Painting helps improve self-confidence. Most people think they cannot paint., Then they go to a painting session, and at the end of it they think “I did that”. After that, they cannot say that they cannot paint. Most of the people who come to a Paint Night say they cannot paint. They then produce a better painting than the one produced by the artist Russell Collins.

Painting can change your mood. Create a painting made up of analogous colours (next to each other on the colour wheel) and you create a calming image. Create a painting of complimentary colours (opposite to each other on the colour wheel) and you create a bright lively image.

Painting helps you concentrate. When you paint, you forget about the distractions in your life, you can lose track of time. Physical pains can fade away and your mental state can be enhanced.

Painting can improve mental health, as it can distract us from the problems in life, thus making us feel happier. Paint with a group of people in a  social setting and you can laugh, joke create and have fun.

In a Few Words

Painting sessions make good relaxation classes, can be fun and prove to you that you can do something that you didn’t think you could,

Find out about our next Paint Nights, come along, relax and HAVE FUN.






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