Brush Party

Brush Party, Paint Night Party, Paint and Sip

It doesn’t matter whether you call it a Brush party, a Paint Night Party, a Paint and Sip night or even a Booze and Brushes night, the aim is till the same – have fun with friends in a creative setting.

Brush PartyA Paint Night or a Brush Party usually starts around 7.00 pm, and finishes around the 10.00 pm mark. Arrive about 15 minutes before the start, choose your easel, buy yourself a drink, and then you start.

The artist takes you step by step through the painting techniques that you use to produce your own special masterpiece based on his (or her) demonstration. Freewheeling is encouraged as we don’t want everyone to produce the same painting. Furthermore, when people do their own thing, we might even learn something. We love it when people use different colours, or different images. Look at these 2 pictures of Cherry  Tree Holding The Moon taken from our first ever Paint Night. The left image is the one demonstrated, the right image is what a 11 year old boy painted.

Cherry Tree Holding The Moon









So, with a glass in one hand and a brush in the other you really can Power Up Your Inner Picasso. Power Up  and have a great night down the pub doing something creative.

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