Ottoman Kitchen – Paint Night Menu

Ottoman Kitchen – Paint Night Menu

Lamb Kofte Wrap

Lamb Kofte Wrap

As well as having the normal Ottoman Kitchen menu available, Murat and his team have made a number of “light-bites” that can be eaten during the event to keep your creative thoughts going full steam. The light-bites menu consist’s of a Glass of Wine, a Turkish Wrap, Fries and a small Salad all for £15.95. Options are Chicken, Lamb Kofte, Halloumi and Humous  (vegetarian), and Falafel and Humous (Vegan).


You can order on the day, or place a pre-order with a £5.00 deposit below. The full menu will be available though of you want it, but it will difficult to eat a full meal at you Artist place.

We look forward to seeing you on the 29th September at The Ottoman Kitchen.

Order Paint Night Light Bites

Pre-order below and pay a £5.00 deposit. The remainder of £10.95 per light-bite will be payable on the evening.

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Paint Night Light Bites


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