Paint Night Covid19 Safeguards

Paint Night Covid19 Safeguards

This blog post deals with the Covid19 Safeguards that we are putting in to place and is being continually upgraded.

We will adhere to Government recommendations regarding Covis19 Safeguards, and these will vary depending on the venue. A couple of our rooms are very large (such as the Cote at The Woolpack in Buckingham) and we can spread people out without the need for barriers, and others are smaller where we need to, and will, provide more protective equipment.

We will use barriers and we will supply face coverings to those people who would like them – bring your own if you want, but we will have them. If we have medical style masks then they will be discarded after each use, if we use cloth ones they will be washed in a hot wash after each use. We will also supply Nitrile gloves, but if you have your own then you might want to bring some of them as you know they suit you.

In General

We will be limiting the numbers per event. When we set up the room each artist will have their own space. They will have the canvas in front of them which will act as a barrier, and they will also have a clear barrier to side of them to isolate them from their neighbour. The side barrier will consist of either a picture frame, or the wooden frame of a canvas, with industrial cellophane (not cling film) stapled to it.

Tables will be covered with disposable plastic table cloths which will be thrown away after each event. Each artist will have their own brushes and plates as normal, but paint tubs will need to be shared. Anti-bacteria spray and wipes will be available in abundance. Once we have laid everything out then everything will be sprayed with anti-bacteria spray and left damp – not wiped down.


The consumption of refreshments is, of course, a vital part of a Paint Night and most venues are putting in place some form of remote ordering of drinks (via app etc.) as refreshments cannot, under guidelines, be ordered from the bar for now. Ordering procedure will vary depending on the venue but we are looking at the situation where refreshments can be ordered at any time remotely, but will be delivered at set times – maybe at 15 minutes past the hour.


The Woolpack in Buckingham

We meet in the Cote building at The Woolpack and The Cote is a large well lit and ventilated outside hall separate from the main Pub. Their are no toilets in The Cote, so the ones in the Pub will need to be used. These can be accessed without going through the main bar areas.




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