Paint and Sip

Paint and Sip

Paint and SipPaint Night Party came into being as a result of a post about Paint and Sip events on a Facebook group for Bob Ross Certified Ross Instructors. I googled Paint and Sip and learnt how people could learn to paint in a great social setting – THE PUB.

I was looking at ways how I could earn extra money from my art and was thinking about how I could sell more paintings. Rather than sell paintings, why not teach them how to paint in a good social setting. A social event first, an art event second.

I went to some pubs such as The Three Trees in Bletchley and The Bull Hotel in Stony Stratford. I also went to Montana Missoula Bar and Grill, in CMK. The idea was the same in each case. Give us have the premises free on a quiet night, we will get the extra people in and you get their spending at the bar. We will set up the room, and clear up afterwards, so you don’t have any extra staff costs.

Paint Night Party

That is how Paint Night Party was born – an idea turned into reality. Buy a ticket, turn up by 6.45 to take your place. It doesn’t matter in the least if you haven’t picked up a paint brush for years, because you will walk away with your own unique piece of artwork. Our resident artist will take you, step-by-step, through the process of turning your blank canvas into your own special masterpiece. With a glass in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other, you will paint your own personal masterpiece.

Many of the people who come to one of our Paint and Sip events are adamant that they can’t paint. By the end of the evening they have changed their mind.

If you think you can’t paint, then watch this video by Graham Shaw. “Why people believe they can’t draw -and how to prove they can.”



If you would like to come to one of our Paint and Sip Paint Nights then take a look at our events page and book a ticket. Register on our site and get our mailings, or leave a comment below.

See some of the other art of Russell Collins here. You can buy reproductions, or commission an artwork..

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