Paint Night Art Classes in Milton Keynes

Paint Night Art Classes in Milton Keynes

I thought I would say a few things about ideas for the future as I want to continue to provide ever improving quality events. 

Paint Night Breeds Success

I mentioned in my last newsletter that a lady who attended my bird painting event in November, sold her painting for a nice sum. I have now discovered that another lady – Lynn – entered her own version of the painting into an Art contest and won 1st prize. Wisteria Hummingbird Dream is now on the programme and this will be at The Swan in Woburn Sands on Monday 11th March. Come along and see if you can do the same thing. This isn’t the painting in question, but another painted at the same event.

Subjects to Paint

Let me know if there is any particular subject that you would like me to cover please. So far I have a request for an Elephant.


Regular Paint Nights are now running at four great venues and they are going very well. I think though that The Swan in Woburn and The Bull Hotel in Olney are getting a little cramped. As a result of this, I will be cutting back slightly on the number of tickets I sell at those locations. I would rather people had a bit more elbow room than get as many people in as I can. The Three Trees in Bletchley, and The Woolpack in Buckingham have lots of room though.

Thanks to you, I am getting more requests to run private and corporate events – thank you all for recommending me.

Paint Night Materials and Equipment

You will soon be able to download simple step by step instructions in .PDF format (like this Let’s Talk About Colour) that can be printed, or read on a smart phone. I am also preparing instruction sheets that I hope will give a better idea of how to obtain certain effects when using brushes in different ways.  I will bring some hard copies to my events just in case.

Now, regarding the quality of the paints I use. At the moment I currently use Turner’s Superior Acrylic, which is a good student paint, but want to move to the higher quality Daler and Rowney System 3 range. Daler and Rowney are a bit more expensive, but will give better and brighter results. I am also going to start using additives in the paint that slow down drying time a little to allow better blending of paints. All part of providing a great time.

I know that some people further away from me can’t see clearly what I am doing, so I am experimenting with pointing a video camera at the canvas, and projecting it on a screen. This should increase the size of the “canvas” by 2 or 3 times, to give a better view to everyone.

The lighting can be a little on the dim side at a couple of venues, so I will get a couple of Halogen Floodlights to help boost things.


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